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Sunday, 05 December 2010 11:26

More than 600 hours of WSH Training dedicated to the industry between Jan 2010 and Dec 2012 - With passion, Principal Trainer & Advisor, has conducted and facilitated many different safety-related training programs for different levels of personnel, from top management namely the CEOs, MDs, GMs, COO, CFOs, HODs, Operation Managers, Engineers, Foremen, Supervisors as well as workers of various industries. He has conducted 248 hours of bizSAFE Risk Management Course training for NTUC Learning Hub alone during this period. He has also chalked up 399 hours training for Team-6 Consultants, most of which dedicated for its Safety Promoter and Safety Leadership Training programs in Keppel Shipyard during the same period. He has done several other training sessions elsewhere during the same period, including to SBS Transit key appointment holders, Station as well as Operation Managers and other personnel under Emaan OSH Connect Pte Ltd of which he is currently its CEO and Training Director.    

Here are some of the participans' comments after participating in his training sessions.

Dear Din,
Thanks for the excellent lectures given.  Your rich experience in various industries have impressed us.  Although I 'm working in banking industry where the work place safety may not be in high risk as some other industries.  Your sharing on some case studies have given me insights and keeping the classroom teaching vivid and interesting.
Wang Li -
(bizSAFE Level 2 training for NTUCLearningHub on 6-7 February 2012)

Some other participants' comments: 

Generally, participants who attended today's bizSAFE Level 1 Workshop for CEOs & Top Management (on 13th Dec 2010) commented that the training was “interesting” and “enlightening”. Many difficult questions were satisfactorily answered. Among those who attended this session include a Snr. VP and a couple of MDs of SMEs. Participants rated the training and trainer today as 4.5 (out of a possible score of 5) in their post course evaluations. Similar comments we made by some of the participants during the last bizSAFE Level 1 session on 6 Jan 2011 and after the last bizSAFE Level 2 session on 10 & 11 Jan 2011.

Murat Dahalan (Halal Food Consultant & Trainer, who attended the bizSAFE Level 1 Workshop for CEO / Top Management on 29th March 2011 commented, "Good Course!". His Senior Consultant, Ahmad Jantan, remarked, "This course should be attended by many bosses."

Ms Diana Tan, Director of Paper Innovation Pte Ltd, who attended the same bizSAFE Level 1 workshop, remarked, "Very lively & interesting." The participants rated the training session similarly as indicated above.

"Good and clear presentation" ~ Mr. K Ramkumar, Manager of Maru Denki Engineering Pte Ltd. (bizSAFE Level 2 on 29 & 30 Nov 2010).

"There are a lot of interaction that was done during the course. All questions, queries & confusions were answered and clarified." ~ Ms April Angela Anteza Santos, Planning Engineer of Dongah Geological Engineering Co. Ltd. (bizSAFE Level 2 on 29 & 30 Nov 2010)

"Very good course. Well presentation. easy to understand, also provide many examples and practices / exercises." ~ Mr. Zhao Bin, Technical Manager of Lioncity Construction Co. Pte Ltd.  (bizSAFE Level 2 on 29 & 30 Nov 2010).

"The trainer is very knowledgeable in this field. Able to answer all queries." ~ Mr. Muhammad Ariffin, Project Engineer of Seng Teck Enterprise Pte Ltd. (bizSAFE Level 2 on 29 & 30 Nov 2010).

And hundreds more of good remarks by participants from time to time.....and we expect many more positive comments in the times to come. Don't miss your opportunity to join us for an enriching and beneficial experience. You won't regret attending his training sessions.

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