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"There are a lot of interaction that was done during the course. All questions, queries & confusions were answered and clarified."

- Ms April Angela Anteza Santos, Planning Engineer of Dongah Geological Engineering Co. Ltd.

"The trainer is very knowledgeable in this field. Able to answer all queries."

- Mr. Muhammad Ariffin, Project Engineer of Seng Teck Enterprise Pte Ltd.

If you would like to comment or share an incident related to WSH, please email to us at info@asdin.sg.

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Our service motto since established in 1995

"Work Safely, Stay Healthy & Happy"



We are Certified by the WSH Council to bizSAFE Level 3 (effective Nov 2011)

Asdin Associates provides "value-for-money" workplace safety and health consulting, training and capability-building services to the industry in building their Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) capabilities facilitating them to achieve their desired WSH objectives and targets effectively and efficiently.

Our Service Policy - To serve our clients' with accurate and reliable information, both legal and otherwise, customise our programs to suit their operational needs and ensure everyone achieve the expected level of awareness, skills and competence in performing their tasks, that would eventually translate into a much safer work environment for everyone.

Our Services - include:

  1. WSH Consultancy - Provides guidance in Development, Management, Assistance in Implementation and Review of an organisation's Workplace Environmental, Safety and Health Management Systems (SMS / SHMS / OHSMS [SS 506 : 2009] / OHSAS 18001 / ISO 14001), Noise Monitoring Services (MOM-Required Occupational Noise Monitoring and NEA-required Boundary Noise Measurement), WSH Officer's Functions, WSH Committees Functions, Internal Compliance Audit, etc;
  2. WSH Capability Building - Provides guidance to organisations wishing to achieve WSHC Certification to bizSAFE Levels 3 and 5, developing and conducting in-house capability-building training programs including key WSH-related aspects such as Risk Assessent, Management and Review, building and enhancing the levels of awareness amongst everyone in the organisation on the importance of continual improvement in organisational safety and health;
  3. WESH / WSH Training - Conducts Courses and in-house workshops that would be useful for top management, WSH Managers, Officers, Committee Members, line Managers, Executives, Officers, Foremen, Supervisors and workers alike; and
  4. Collaboration - Collaborate with other WSH Consultants, Training Providers and Professionals all WSH-realted  trainings and improvement initiatives.


Asdin Associates has been established in Dec 1995 by a former Factory Inspector with the Department of Industrial Safety (DIS) of the then Ministry Of Labour (MOL), Singapore, (now Ministry Of Manpower - MOM). Since then it has served many clients from various industries in developing and reviewing their workplace environmental, safety and health management systems (SMS / SHMS / OHSMS / OHSAS 18001 / ISO 14001) and capabilities. These involve assisting them in managing their Safety Committee (WESH) functions, etc, so as to constantly be in line and in compliance with local WESH legal and other requirements, including corporate requirements and guidelines.

We have successfully served clients from the following industries since 1995:

  • Manufacturing | Electronics | Aerospace Engineering | Tool & Die Making | Construction | Shipbuilding and Ship-repairing | Process (Petrochemical) Plants Resident Maintenance Contractors | Chemicals | High Purity Chemicals Supplier | Grease Manufacturer | Wafer Fab Plants | Logistics | Metalworking | Overhead Crane Manufacturer | Food Industries (Manufacturers and Suppliers) | Plastic Injection Molding, and others.

Training - Since 1995, Asdin Associates has also assisted many organisations develop their in-house WSH capabilities including developing and conducting their in-house programs for different industries (which are largely customised hands-on and interactive learning style), including:

  • Awareness on key requirements of the WSH Act and key Subsidiary Legislations,
  • Awareness on WSH Committee Functions, Roles & Responsibilities,
  • Awareness on emerging key Codes Of Practices relevant to WSH,
  • Employee WSH Induction Training,
  • Emergency Response Team (ERT) Capabilities,
  • Fire Safety Awareness and Safe Use of Portable Fire Extinguishers,
  • Safe use of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) sets,
  • Chemical Safety Awareness and Emergency Response to Hazardous Chemical Spills (Labs, Warehouses, Processes, Transport Vehicles, etc),
  • and other WSH-related services upon request.

Consultancy - Asdin Associates also provides non-ARC bizSAFE Capability Building training and consultancy services that assist oganisations, Multi-Nationals (MNC) as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), to attain bizSAFE Levels 1 to 5 (bizSAFE STAR) economically and efectively. These include:

  • Assistance in development of Risk Management Implementation Plan (RMIP),
  • Review advise on existing Risk Assessments (RA) and Risk Management (RM) initiatives,
  • Preparing clients for 3rd party bizSAFE Levels 3 and 5 audit,
  • Supports WSH Committee Functions as committee secretary or company's Safety Advisor,
  • Assists clients in developing their bizSAFE Level 4 OHSMS (based on SS506:2009 guidelines and / or OHSAS 18001 management system) and
  • Guiding and preparing clients for bizSAFE Level 5 OHSMS / OHSAS 18001 management system for bizSAFE STAR award.
  • Performance of Noise Monitoring Sevices (both MOM-Required Occupational Noise and NEA-Required Boundary Noise),
  • Conducting in-house QEHS Internal Auditor's Training to clients in preparing them for 3rd Party certification and surveillance audits, etc.

Note: We provide non-ARC* consultancy services to assist clients attain WSH Council's certification to bizSAFE Levels 3 and 5 (bizSAFE STAR). [ARC* refers to Approved Risk Consultants].

Risk Assessment Trg

Above: An example of an in-house workshop-based Risk Assessment Course at a client's premises to train as many Supervisors, Foremen and Engineers to enable them to function effectively as RA Team Members. This client managed to secure bizSAFE STAR in 2009 under our consultancy, training and guidance.

Helping organisations achieve a much safer and healthful work environment is also in line with our company's motto that promotes the notion of "Work Safely, Stay Healthy and Happy" ...(since 1995).

For Service Enquiry / Request For Quotation: E-mail to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

[Call us at Tel: (065) - 6272 3596 or Fax to: (065) - 6272 3598].

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(1) We offer consultancy service to clients for attainment of official certification to bizSAFE Level 3. Email to us your specific needs and Requests For Quotations (RFQ) via info@asdin.sg.

(2) Be an internationally-certified safety practitioner. Enrol for NEBOSH IGC at Emaan OSH Pte Ltd and enjoy early-bird discounts apart from affordable course fees. Visit oshconnect.com.sg for course information and enrolment details.

(3) Effective 1 September 2011 all the remaining workplaces will be covered under the Workplace Safety & Health Act 2006. Risk Assessment and Management now becomes a legal requirement. Embarking on the bizSAFE Scheme will assist these remaining workplaces to ensure a much safer and healthier workplace and at the same time comply with the minimum requirements of risk assessment and management.

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